Welcome to the Lefschetz seminar of the Geometry & Geometric Analysis group in the Dept. of Mathematics at Clark University – where Solomon Lefschetz received his PhD in 1911. Our group consists of Gideon Maschler, Aghil Alaee Khangha, Ali Maalaoui, Robert Ream, Nishanth Gudapati, Tianqi Wu, and Amir Babak Aazami. (Please email A. Aazami if you wish to be added to our mailing list.)

Next speaker: January 21 @10am EST

Ved Datar (Indian Institute of Science)

Some new rigidity results in Kähler geometry

Abstract: I will discuss two new results in rigidity Kähler geometry. I will first talk about the (almost) rigidity of Kähler manifolds with positive Ricci curvature and almost maximal volume. I will then discuss the rigidity of Kähler manifolds with positive bi-sectional curvature and maximal diameter. The first result is a complex analogue of a famous volume rigidity theorem of Colding, and the second result is of course the complex analogue of the well-known maximal diameter theorem of Cheng. This is joint work with Harish Seshadri and Jian Song.

Upcoming speakers – unless otherwise noted, all talks are at 3pm EST:

Azahara de la Torre Pedraza (U. of Granada, February 4)

Sagun Chanillo (Rutgers U., February 11)

Miguel Sánchez Caja (U. of Granada)

Miguel Angel Javaloyes (U. of Murcia)

Aghil Alaee Khangha (Clark U.)

Melanie Graf (Tübingen U.)

Eric Bahauad (Seattle U.)